• Tuesday, Aug 22
    Lindsey Wilson at 1
    Tennessee Wesleyan 0
  • Tuesday, Aug 22
    Point at 3
    Life University 2
  • Yesterday
    Lees-McRae at 7:00pm
    Montreat EST
  • Yesterday
    Middle Georgia State College at 1
    Reinhardt 1
    Season Opener at University Stadium at Ken White Field
  • Today
    Bob Jones University at 7:00pm
    Bryan EST
  • Tuesday, Aug 22
    Asbury at 3
    Union 2
  • Yesterday
    Reinhardt at 3
    Cumberlands 4
    Season Opener
  • Yesterday
    Bryan at 7:00pm
    Lee University EST
  • Yesterday
    Columbia at 7:00pm
    Columbia International University EST
  • Today
    Cumberland University at 5:00pm
    Tennessee Wesleyan EST
  • Today
    Thomas University vs 6:00pm
    Truett McConnell EST
    West Point, Ga. | Point University
  • Today
    Southeastern University at 8:30pm
    Point EST
  • Tuesday, Aug 22
    Bluefield at 1
    West Virginia University 3
    West Virginia Tech @ Beckley
  • Yesterday
    Point Park University at 6:00pm
    Montreat EST
  • Yesterday
    Bob Jones University at 6:30pm
    Bryan EST
Allen University Bluefield College Bryan College Columbia College Milligan College Montreat College Point University
Reinhardt University SCAD Atlanta St. Andrews University Tennessee Wesleyan College Truett-McConnell College Union College
History of the AAC

The Appalachian Athletic Conference evolved from the Volunteer State Athletic Conference (VSAC), an NAIA conference organized in the 1940s and dissolved in the early 1980s when institutions in the eastern part of the state seceded to form the Tennessee Virginia Athletic Conference (TVAC). The Conference name changed to the Appalachian Athletic Conference (AAC) in 2001 with the addition of Bluefield College, Montreat College, Alice Lloyd College, and Union College.

The Conference has 14 full members in six southeastern states: Allen (SC), Bluefield (VA), Brenau (GA), Bryan (TN), Columbia (SC), Milligan (TN), Montreat (NC), Point (GA), Reinhardt (GA), SCAD Atlanta (GA), St. Andrews (NC), Tennessee Wesleyan, Truett-McConnell (GA), and Union (KY). The Conference has four affiliate members as well: Asbury (KY), Cumberlands (KY), Georgetown (KY), and West Virginia Tech.

The AAC sponsors championships in 22 sports: cross country, soccer, basketball, swimming & diving, indoor track & field, wrestling, lacrosse, outdoor track & field, golf, baseball, and tennis for men; cross country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming & diving, indoor track & field, lacrosse, outdoor track & field, golf, softball, and tennis for women.

Guiding Principles


That we would be a top-tier affiliated collegiate athletic Conference that fully supports the overall educational programs of its members by providing high quality athletic competition which enhances the academic and character development of its students.


The mission of the Conference is to promote the education and development of students and to provide athletic competition among its member institutions for the purpose of designating champions in sponsored sports, to increase visibility of its members to their publics, and to promote the highest ethical standards of character, conduct, sportsmanship, and fair play.


We recognize the value of athletic competition on our campuses for the purposes of developing character and school spirit and aim to live out the NAIA five core values on the field of play, on our campuses, and in our communities:

·        respect,

·        responsibility,

·        integrity,

·        servant leadership,

·        sportsmanship.